Of the wonderful Nature of Air English Heritage, London Sinfonietta, 2018
Brass and Gong. Site specific for Stonehenge. Duration 7′
Advanced Propulsion: Capricciototype Alarm Will Sound, 2017
Chamber orchestra. Duration 10′
Weep at the Elastic as it Stretches, an adaptation of N.F.Simpson’s Prayer Kammer Klang/Scenatet, 2017
Bass clarinet, viola, cello. Duration 45′
And if in a Thousand Years Film and Video Umbrella/Patrick Hough, 2017
Film soundtrack, double bass and electronics. Duration 20′
The Music of High Cromlech Tom Lessels, 2016
Solo clarinet. Duration 12′
The Ends Pompidou Centre, Cabinet magazine 2016
With Sally O’Reilly, solo cello, spoken word, film. Duration 30′
And London Burned Temple Music Foundation, Chamber Opera, 2016
libretto by Sally O’Reilly. Duration 1hr 15”
SK√ -1 SLIP Imprint Experimental Casio SK1 keyboard, 2016
Duration 28′
Advertise This Sound and Music, Neil Luck, Drivetime Underground, 2016
Short recorded works for radio, addressing the frictions between
artistic and commercial interests, with Sally O’Reilly. Duration 6′
We Happened to Travel Art on the Underground, London Sinfonietta, 2016
3 Displaced Duets, for horn, flute and cello. Collective duration 24′
We Happened to Travel, wind dodectet. Duration 15′
Music for Station Broadcast, marimba. Duration 11′
A Big Fan of the Underground, installation for fan.
Sample Set, freely downloadable recordings of the Victoria line.
R-Type Remix Anna Meredith and Moshi Moshi Records, 2015
Oberheim OB8 remix of the track R-Type. Duration 4’30”
Orac London Sinfonietta, NMC Records, 2015
Solo clarinet. Duration 5′
The Virtues of Things Royal Opera, Aldeburgh Music, Opera North, Aurora Orchestra, 2015
Chamber opera, libretto by Sally O’Reilly. Duration 1hr 25”
La Celestina New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2014
Opera installation with Erratica and Manual Cinema Shadow Theatre
10 Voices and viola da gamba. Duration 25′
On the Axis of this World Cambridge City Opera, Scott Institute for Polar Research, 2014
Countertenor, baritone, spoken voice, clarinet, cello and button accordion. Duration 45′
Recurrent Tête-a-Tête Opera Festival, Riverside Studios, 2013
Tenor, soprano, cello, accordion, libretto by Sally O’Reilly. Duration 15′
Divining the Title of a PhD ‘The Tread and the Rise’, Baró Galeria, Sao Paolo, 2013
Soundtrack, Synthetic Piano. Duration 4’30”
All The Knives Group Exhibition, Z33 Gallery, Hasselt, 2012
Cassette dictaphones.
Darker than Black Suite Notes Inégales, 2012
Violin, cello, e. guitar, e. bass, two keyboards, percussion.
Duration 25′
Avon Oliver Coates, 2012
Solo cello. Duration 4′
arr. Nancarrow Player Piano
Study No. 26
London Sinfonietta, 2012
Chamber ensemble. Duration 7′
The Trial of Dennis the Menace Southbank Centre, 2012
Children’s theatre (score and songs). Duration 1hr 15′
Dead Reckoning Spitalfields Festival, Mica Levi, 2011
Handbells. Duration 7′
After Agri Victoria and Albert Museum Digital Design Festival, 2011
Collaboration with Burton/Nitta interdisciplinary art and design studio.
Singer and algaculture symbiosis suit. Duration 10′
The Raven Cambridge City Opera, Arcola Theatre, 2010
One-act opera after Poe, Baritone Voice and Clarinet. Duration 30′
My Heart Tokyo Wonder Site, 2010
Flute and amplified heartbeat. Duration 10′
Manual for the New Primitive Experimental Sound, Art and Performance Festival, Tokyo, 2010
Saxophone and tape. Duration 45′
The Parlour Guide to Exo-Politics

Scottish Clarinet Quartet, 2009
Clarinet quartet. Duration 15′
Exile St Paul’s Sinfonia, 2009
Concerto for solo horn and chamber orchestra. Duration 12′
Revise the Pleasure Principle Elysian Quartet, 2008
String quartet. Duration 10′
Shoulder to the Wheel Ossian Ensemble, 2007
Violin and cello. Duration 10′
The End of the Stone Age Oliver Coates, 2006
Solo cello and tape. Duration 7′
God of Doors Scottish Clarinet Quartet, 2005
Clarinet quartet and trombone. Duration 45′