Audio / Video backup

Experimental Casio album for SLIP                   Listen / Buy          Video          Live          Read About

Displaced Duet for Cello
Cello and Tape                                                      Watch                    Art on the Underground Project

And London Burned
Chamber opera excerpts                                    Listen                     More about the opera

Darker Than Black Suite
Mixed Ensemble                                                   Listen

Solo Cello                                                               Listen

R-Type Kill Screen Remix
Remix of Anna Meredith ‘R-Type’                      Listen

Solo clarinet, London Sinfonietta
available on NMC Recordings                            Listen / Buy

Nancarrow Arrangement
Piano Study 26, London Sinfonietta                 Watch

God of Doors
Clarinet Quartet and Trombone                        Listen

Songs of Shibuya
Electronic                                                               Listen                     Tokyo Wonder Site Project

The Allegory of Mrs. Triangle
Animation Soundtrack                                        Watch

Divining the Title of a PhD
Collaboration with Sally O’Reilly                        Watch

Horn Concerto                                                      Listen

Shoulder to the Wheel
Violin and Cello                                                     Listen

The Art of War
Experimental Video and Synth                           Watch

No Fear of the Readiness Potential
String Orchestra                                                   Listen

Timewave Zero
Clarinet Quartet                                                   Listen